Love your Menthol Cigarettes? you will love this more!

V2 Cigs Menthol Disposables

Sure you’re familiar with electronic cigarettes (or E-Cigs), but have you heard about the new V2 Cigs Menthol Disposables? Delivering over 400 puffs per e-cig and measuring only 105mm in length, they are ideal for any menthol smoker.
For those of you who aren’t very familiar with how V2 e-cigs work, let me elaborate on a few things for your own comforability. Each V2 starter kit includes at least one V2 battery, an express charger (usb), and a user’s manual. It’s recommended to fully charge your V2 e-cig considering a fully charged V2 e-cig battery will last you about one week. Connect your flavor cartridge to the battery and enjoy the rich satisfying taste of your V2 e-cig.
Although V2 e-cigs come in multiple flavors, I’m here to fill you in on the variety of menthol flavors they provide. Starting with the most popular, the V2 Menthol, delievers a cool minty taste often compared to the taste of a nice Tic-Tac. V2 Peppermint is the perfect blend of peppermint combined with sugar and a touch of sD20-menthol__82444_zoompearmint, for those of you who smoke for taste. Finally, the V2 Green Tea Menthol, the result of a nice mint flavor combined with the natural properties of green tea. Regardless of your personal choice in menthol, V2 offers something for everyone.
Most smokers who have converted from smoking cigarettes to smoking e-cigs have done so in hopes of a more healthier habit. Although this may be the case, it’s the habit of smoking itself that’s hard to kick. So if you plan on smoking a e-cig and want to enjoy it, V2 Menthols are the way to relax and enjoy some much needed YOU time.
Prices of cigarettes have skyrocketed in the past few months, but V2 disposable Menthols are affordable. The new 5 pack deal is a steal at just $29.95! That’s cheaper than a carton of smokes! As if that wasn’t enough, V2 has announced they also are particapaiting in the Vape 4 Free program. For every purchase you make, you earn points. These points are redeemable for products and every 10 points earns you $1. Other ways to earn points are to refer a friend or subscribe to the V2 newsletter.You can also get great deals and discounts when using this V2 cigs coupon.
Basically, with a deal like 5pk V2 Disposable Menthol E-Cigs floating around, there’s no need to look furthur. Remember at $29.95 per 5pk, they are cheaper than a carton of cigarettes and packed with a flavor that’ll make all your friend envious.